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Information Security

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Rizwan Shaikh is one of the India's renowned Ethical Hacker, Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant actively involved in providing Ethical Hacking and Information Security training and services. He is a well recognized security professional with numerous successful engagements to his credit.

Rizwan's exceptional ethical hacking expertise is widely recognized in India and abroad, which is reflected in deliverables of numerous workshops, seminars, talks and trainings among a variety of different audiences including colleges, companies, industry meets and government conferences.

At Present, Rizwan Shaikh is the Founder of Pristine InfoSolutions, a Cyber Security company based in India specializing in Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting, Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

Expertise Of Rizwan Shaikh

Ethical Hacker

Rizwan has secured many corporate networks and websites by performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.


Information Security Analyst

As an Information Security Researcher and Analyst, Rizwan has accomplished many projects and served various communities.


Cyber Crime Consultant

Rizwan has actively resolved many Cybercrime cases using his ample experience in the meadow of Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics.


Major Researches

01 DTA

Data Theft Attack

Revealed data theft vulnerability on Indian Railways web application.

02 IVA

Input Validation Attack

Exposed a Bug that can disable any account on Monster.com job portal website.

03 SQL

SQL Injection

Uncovered and reported loop holes on many Indian corporate giants and SME's.

04 DBH

Database Hacking

Secured numerous Indian education portals & universities websites.


  • Author 1

    Divyanshu Gahriya

    Chairman - DiGa TechnoArts Pvt. Ltd.

    I would like to express your appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by Rizwan Shaikh for DiGa TechnoArts Pvt. Ltd. The contributions Rizwan made for this company have indeed been very valuable and are worthy to be followed by others. Accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you gave at workshop, conducted on 11th September, 2013 at Indore. Thank You Again.
  • Author 2

    Mayur Mathkar

    Software Developer - Tata Consultancy Services.

    Trainer's knowledge is good. I learnt many hacking techniques from Rizwan Shaikh.
  • Author 3

    Tushar Khanvilkar

    Network Security Engineer - HCL Comnet Ltd.

    It is my pleasure to learn over here. It's very good for learning new things. I learned a lot of things from Mr. Rizwan specially from my career point of view. Best thing of trainer is that he motivates me towards determination of the career and work profile.
  • Author 3

    Sachin Hankare

    Risk/Fraud Management Executive - Paymate India Pvt. Ltd.

    Awesome course. A must course for everyone in terms of Internet Security. It is helpful to all, not only for IT Professionals.
  • Author 3

    Neil George

    UPSC Student.

    A very good experience and great privilege to be a part of Pristine. Gained lots of knowledge about the Cyber world.
  • Author 3

    Christoper Dias

    TSEC Student.

    Ethical hacking workshop conducted by Rizwan Shaikh in our college was awesome. Got to know lots about cyber security.
  • Author 3

    Prakash Lal


    Cyber security workshop delivered by Rizwan Shaikh was rather interesting than any other seen till today in our college.


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